Technical Information

The World's thoughtfully designed mask

Crafted from Egyptian Giza and Peruvian Pima the mask features the Worlds first Hemp based filter. The masks as well as our filter layers are treated with HealthGuard Technology.

World's thoughtfully designed mask

Multi-Layer Filter Technology

A masks filter media is at the core of its functioning. The Luftmaske Max features four layers of filtration making it challenging for harmful particles to reach your lungs. Each layer has different attributes to filter particles of different types and sizes.

The Pangolin Mask has been tested for Bacterial Filtration Efficiency and Anti-microbial activity. To check out our tests, please see attached files.

Proof is in the filter

Proof is in the filter

The filter utilises the protective qualities of Hemp that include its inherent moisture-wicking and insulation properties which keep sweat and humidity at bay. Hemp also exhibits antimicrobial properties, is resistant to mould, and blocks out UV light.

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