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Material Science

About Us

We build apparel.

We research, learn, apply, and repeat the process till we get it right. Everything we retail is an evolution of something that was once a general conversation, a doomscrolling find or a team huddle brain child.

Indulge in the new, the evolved.
Wear the journey.

What we are set out to do

Create products that stay with you through the seasons, effortlessly tackle everyday troubles and never compromise on style. Every fabric is a blend of different materials coming together to create something that you will love.

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Material Science

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We don't recommend Flextech to the gym. It does not stretch enough. But, when hanging out, working or performing, it's the one we swear by.



Short for All Year Round. The revolutionary fabric stays with you through the year; and beyond.



Organically sourced fabric means CloudSense is no longer apparel, it is your second skin.

Cloud Sense


Packs smaller than a dinosaur toy, performs like a pro.


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