For every garment sold we give back an equivalent amount of the carbon offset cost to wildlife conservation projects around the world.

We're taking things further

At Pangolin we are constantly trying to work with organisations and individuals that are striving to reduce our biodiversity loss. To achieve our biodiversity goals we have partnered with Milkywire as their platform connects us with select locally-rooted projects to support what we care about, with full transparency, and follow the impact our money makes. We strongly urge our community to get on the platform and support causes that are closest to them that will help shape the future of our biodiversity.

Why should we save our oceans and seas?

By protecting them, we protect the largest ecosystem on Earth. The oceans provide us with half of the oxygen we breathe and regulate our climate. Marine ecosystems provide diverse habitats for numerous species that we rely on for food and livelihoods.

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Mitigate emergencies & threats to wildlife

Emergencies like droughts, floods, wildfires and natural disasters can have devastating impact on wildlife and nature. Milkywire supports locally rooted organizations working with disaster preparedness and relief for animals and nature.

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It's time for the apparel industry to radically reduce the industry’s contribution to biodiversity loss.

Protect flagship species and their habitats

Projects that focus on the conservation of flagship species and restoration of their habitats, as well as preventing poaching and illegal wildlife trafficking.

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Cleaning up and stopping overexploitation

Clean-up initiatives, as well as striving for policy changes for sustainable fishing practices to stop overfishing.

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