Biodiversity matters

It’s time for the apparel industry to radically reduce the industry’s contribution to biodiversity loss.

While much has been written about the fashion industry’s impact on climate change, less well known and well covered is the industry’s heavy footprint on biodiversity. Broadly defined as the variety of all life forms on earth, biodiversity matters. We rely on it for food and energy, and we depend on its irreplaceable role in sustaining air quality, providing fresh water and soil, and regulating climate. And yet biodiversity is declining at a faster rate than ever before in human history. One million species, between 12 percent and 20 percent of estimated total species, marine and terrestrial alike, are under threat of extinction.

30000 sharks killed per hour
3900 tigers left in the world
96 African elephants are killed everyday
10000 mountain gorilla population

At Pangolin we are constantly trying to work with organisations and individuals that are striving to reduce our biodiversity loss. We strongly urge our community to support causes that are closest to them that will help shape the future of our biodiversity. Every month we will feature individuals who we feel are making a great impact in their pusuit of saving our planet.

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