Our Story

At Pangolin, we believe in leaving the world better than we found it. We want to help make a difference through the things we make, the platform we share them on, and the community we create. That’s why we’re creating masks that help protect people and preserve wildlife. Our partnership with the Pangolin Crisis Fund, a nonprofit dedicated to saving the world’s most trafficked animal from extinction, ensures that a percentage of sales from each mask goes towards the conservation of pangolins in Asia and Africa.

Vaccine or not, until we change our relationship with the environment and can safely breathe in cities free from pollution, masks are an essential component of a better, healthier life. The Pangolin Mask is a highly advanced filtration mask that protects its wearers from bacteria, germs, and pollution. Created out of the highest grade materials and treated with a revolutionary patented virus inactivation technology that has been proven to destroy over 99.4% of corona virus particles.