Our Materials

Cotton 2.0

What makes our cotton so exceptional? The answer is simple: longer strands mean higher quality. We exclusively use 100% extra long staple (EUS) varieties for all of your needs, which provide you with the best possible experience both now and in years to come!

Fabric Feel

The material of the long staple cotton fibers make for a smooth and even fabric that has an incredibly soft handfeel. This is only going to get better throughout your whole garment's lifetime.

No twist, no pilling

The extra long cotton fibres create a stronger, more durable product that stands up to intense wear. The result is an item you can be sure will last even after multiple washes without losing its shape or color!

Go bold

We love color! Our extra long cotton fibers allow the dye to penetrate deeply into your garment resulting in a richer and more vibrant color.

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