Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the product, if you have other questions, please just send it to hello@lovepangolin.com

On average our filters last for 100 hours. For optimal efficacy we recommend replacing the filter every fortnight. Be careful to store your mask safely in a clean environment.

When the mask and filter are unused - please store them safely in the provided seal-safe bag and maintain their pollutant inactivation health.

An unexposed filter can last for upto 3 years if unopened.

Since the protective filters are removable, your mask’s outer shell can be used for as long as you like. We recommend changing once in 6 months , if maintained reasonably. To wash the shell, detach the filter and valves and simply dip the outer shell into room temperature water with mild detergent. Follow by a drip-dry.

You can hand handwash your mask along with your filter attached in cold water and mild detergent. It is recommended you wash your mask once a week. The treatment we use which inactivates viruses works at an optimum level for upto 30 washes. The filter works at an optimum level for upto 15 washes.

The exhalation valves act as a one way ventilation systems. Upon breathing out, air pushes against a silicon barrier in the valve allowing it to flow out past the shell. This makes it easier to breathe, controls the temperature behind the mask, reduces moisture and carbon dioxide buildup. The valves are engineered to only release air and not permit any air whatsoever to permeate in.

After removing the silicon filter between the valve, you may dip the valve parts in water and gently wipe using a mild detergent. Avoid this unless necessary.

Each mask comes with: 
• 1 Mask Shell
• 1 Air Filter
• 2 Air Valves
• 2 Ear Grips
• 1 Neck Strap
• 1 Spares Pouch
• 1 Travel Pouch
• Pangolin Goodwill

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